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The ColdFusion 4.0 Web Application Construction Kit Best

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The ColdFusion 4.0 Web Application Construction Kit Overview

An all-in-one kit that provides you with everything you need to create Web-based applications using the latest version of Allaire Corporation's ColdFusion. From the basics of application design to session state management, from database fundamentals to real-time credit card verification and authorization, from dynamic SQL generation to Java enhanced forms, this book contains everything you to need to get up and running in record time. Included on the CD-ROM are evaluation versions of ColdFusion and ColdFusion Studio, complete source code listings, sample applications, and add-on applications and utilities. -This 3rd edition of this highly successful book has been updated to cover recent enhancements to both the ColdFusion Application Server and the ColdFusion Studio development environment. -For coverage of advanced ColdFusion see our other ColdFusion book, "Advanced ColdFusion 4 Application Development", ISBN 0789718103.

The ColdFusion 4.0 Web Application Construction Kit Specifications

Using Allaire's ColdFusion 4, the newest version of this popular Web server and development environment, requires careful guidance. Ben Forta has been writing the best ColdFusion instruction and reference books for years, and this latest edition of The ColdFusion 4.0 Web Application Construction Kit is the finest guide to date.

Using ColdFusion to its full potential requires a fairly broad knowledge base, which Forta helps you develop. He begins with simple database-query applications and moves on to full-featured electronic-commerce systems. He includes instructions for using the ColdFusion tools, of course, but you'll also discover tutorials and references on the ColdFusion Markup Language (CFML), SQL, and the Verity search language. Even if you've never used any language other than HTML, you'll feel comfortable learning from this book.

The illustrative examples in The ColdFusion 4.0 Web Application Construction Kit really shine. Whether you want to know how to perform a three-table join, cache queries, or do any of hundreds of other tasks, there's a code listing for you in these pages. You'll also find some plug-and-play applications, including an online store that's ready for customization and deployment. All examples appear on the companion CD-ROM with evaluation versions of ColdFusion Studio and ColdFusion Server. --David Wall

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